Cappella Stella Maris (2008) is a vocal ensemble in The Hague of enthousiastic amateur and semi-professional singers. Our focus is early baroque, renaissance, medieval and gregorian church music, wich we choose to treat and perform in an authentic setting cfr. location, yet in touch with the latest developments of early music interpretation. Our 'maestra di cappella' is Mikae Natsuyama.
Our repertoire covers works of renowned renaissance and early polyphony composers as Guillaume Dufay, Palestrina, Francisco Guerrero, Brumel, de Victoria, etc. Earlier on we dive into the illustrous manuscripts of medieval Flandres, England, France, Germany... (e.g. the Libre Vermell de Montserrat, the Winchester Tropers) and study with the original Gregorian notation and neumen scripts that provide us musical information that cannot be obtained by modern transcriptions.

Rather than `easy singing`, we surch for an authentic performance of high level, respecting the qualities of each individual in the ensemble. During rehearsals a lot of attention is paid to the musical background and context of the repertoire. In order to treat each periodical aspect of a piece we use, amongst others, singing techniques of that period, for instance the modal singing technique.

Video fragments:

1. Agnus dei III - Missa O Gloriosa Domina - Pierre de la Rue

Audio fragments:

                                Obrecht Church 2017

1. Tristis Est Anima Mea   
2. Salvator Mundi